Monday, January 7, 2019

All the things I wish I could say about fitness, weight loss, and scams that are going around

I know today is not the 1st day of the New Year...but it is the 1st Monday of the's a new week, we all have new in some ways, it kind of is day 1.
One of my goals for this year, is to try to do 1 video everyday on Instagram or Facebook, where I can share some information...and hopefully someone listening or watching gets some value from that.
One of my other goals, is to make sure it's not the same kind of info you get every where else..
Like this one I made a few days ago
I think there is just to much BS...way to many transformation programs
Way to many fad diets, way to much information to make everyone feel like what they are trying this time, will work.
Sorry...I'm not saying anything new...exercise with a supportive eating program done consistently will produce a result.
Problem is everyone wants the result NOW...and most people are so worried about losing 10lbs they forget the long list of other benefits that exercise and supportive eating bring.
So let's look at what we can do to make some of that at least more interesting
At THE WORKOUT today we have 3 classes 5pm and 6pm and 7pm
I'm ready ready to bring fire today
We will also have Catered Fit in the house with some food samples of their meal delivery service...
That's a start...but you got to show up..
The goal today is just that, Show Up for YOU
That will be a today
Win enough days, win the week
Win a few weeks win the month...
You see where that is going
Hope to see you this afternoon
Coach Rafael
PS...if you are not a member and you want to come try it out...come on down...we have a 3 week trial you can all start with

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