Monday, December 10, 2018

What Happened At The Gym Over The Weekend?

Happy Monday

Are you ready ready for a NEW week?
So this weekend we hit the ground running with some of the projects we have lined up for 2019....starting with some new additions to THE WORKOUT
if you have not seen it there is a short little video on Instagram here at mr_bootcamp and it's on FB and YouTube as well
I'm sure by the end of the day I will have some more, so make sure if you are not following...well you know ;-)
Next on the AGENDA...FitranX 
TESTING FOR LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 is this weekend 
Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th at 10am
I will email everyone personally today to make sure they have all the details.
Other than on the lookout this week for an email about "good" and "bad" carbs...should be really good 
All classes remain on schedule...the ONLY adjustments we will be making are on Christmas Eve and Christmas...we will not have evening classes...
That is it for now, I wish you all an excellent week
Eat your food, drink your water and take your vitamins  
Coach Rafael


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