Sunday, December 16, 2018

Twas the week before Christmas, should you workout?

I'm going to go with a solid....YES
+ Sunday Night
This big question floating around is...not where can you find a "Tickle Me Elmo"....Yeah, back in the day I had to wrestle down a few people to make sure my little girl had a Tickle Me Elmo for idea where it is now or if she even played with it past the New Year...back then..
Which brings me back to the question a lot of people are asking themselves..."Do I call it quits with my workout and eating program until the New Year?"
Hmmmm lets look at the facts, if you take a few days off from working out will you gain 10lbs? Not really
But if you take a few days off from your diet will you gain 10lbs? Not really
Now, if you take the next 2 weeks off from your regular exercise program, and you eat like crap....that is not a good mix for anyone...
Not to mention, the big question....HOW WILL YOU FEEL?
You all can admit you feel better after working out, so why would you skip out on it?
I was talking to a client that was having a hard time booking a private coaching session...she has a few Doctor appointments...she met her deductible and made a bunch of appointments to get lab work done and this done and that done...
I said..."so, you made appointments?"
She said "Yes"
I said "Are you going to cancel them?"
She Said "No"
I said" hmmm"
She Said "hmm what"..
I said "So, You made an appointment, and you are not going to cancel"
Make and appointment, schedule the time...and don't cancel on your SELF ;-)
See you this week at THE WORKOUT,
Coach Rafael

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