Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ft. Lauderdale , Miami Beach and PRIVATE Boot Camps

Hey Everyone

So we are ready to Launch the Ft. Lauderdale Boot Camp...It will be Tuesday, Thursdays at 6:15am and Saturday mornings at 8am

Right On the Beach!!!!
You can pre- register here:

==>Pre Register For Camp Here<==

Now we only Need 4 people to Start and I have over 80 request...So the Faster you enroll the Faster we can begin Miami Beach Boot Camp...same deal...we Need 4 to Get it Going AGAIN....

You can pre-enroll here as well:

==>Pre Register For Camp Here<==

Now For ALL of you that can't make it to Camp...or the time does not work...Whatever the reason...

Private Boot Camps are an option...You can get the Same Boot Camp Class at what ever time works for You...at home, at a park that's close, at the beach...where ever you need it.

More info for that here:

If you have question or would like to suggest NEW camp locations post them here

"Fitness The Way You Need It"

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