Friday, October 3, 2008

FREE Boot Camp in Miami and Miami Lakes

Finally, South Florida's Only Fitness Boot Camp Guarantees To Quickly Sculpt, Tone, And Melt Pounds Off Your Body…And Get You Back Into Your Skinny Jeans…Or You Don’t Pay a Dime! 

Faster Metabolism to burn more fat at rest
  • Tighter, flatter abs – means smaller waist

  • 4-12 pounds of weight loss

  • 3-6% decrease in body fat

  • Look and feel ten years younger

  • Increased muscle tone and flexibility

  • Greater confidence and self-esteemah

  • Decreased stress, tension, and anxiety

  • Increased sense of overall well being

  • Reduce cravings for fats, sugars, and junk foods

  • Sleep better and increase productivity

  • Decrease back pain and discomfort

  • Lose the uncomfortable “bloated” feeling

  • Look and feel better in your favorite clothes

  • Even if you have stubborn fat areas that don't seem to budge…even if you’ve never succeeded at losing fat before… here’s the ultimate “get motivated,” “get back into your skinny jeans,” and “have tons of fun doing it” weight loss and fitness success system you’ve been looking for!

    Look, I won’t promise you that it will be easy or a walk in the park…

    …because you will work hard

    …you will sweat

    …and you’ll even be a little sore at times.
    COME TRY IT ON Saturday for FREE!!!!
    In Miami Lakes at 8am or in The Grove at 9:30am

    All You Have to do is put in your Name and Email Below and we will email you all the Details....RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

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