Tuesday, August 29, 2017


I know to well what it's like to pick up the pieces after a hurricane...so doing something it always the right thing.

I'm lucky to be a part of a company that is always doing the right thing.
They make something called Potato Paks...

"The Kyäni Potato Pak provides life-sustaining nutrition to those who lack the means to feed themselves. Designed by the Scientific Advisory Board, each serving contains over 10 grams of protein, along with essential vitamins and minerals, and comes in a quick and convenient pouch."
When you purchase this Potato Pak not only are you supporting the disaster relief in Texas, but the Kyäni Founders will match your donation.
"We have sent Potato Pak all around the world to help in times of disaster and ongoing poverty, and recently we partnered with Convoy of Hope to help us reach more people. Sometimes emergencies happen close to home. We created Potato Pak for times just such as this, and together with our Business Partners Kyäni can be a tremendous force for good."

To ensure that we have the inventory to support this need as well as other areas of the world, we have created a special Potato Pak promotion.... For $49.90 you can send 10 servings of Potato Pak.... In addition, Kyäni’s Founders as your partners will match each purchase with an additional 10 servings of Potato Pak. This promotion will be available through August 31...

Just click here to help: http://bit.ly/RafaelMoret10

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