Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Classes at Boocamp and A FREE Private Training session

Hey Everyone

I have updated The NEW CLASSES on our Calendar.
I have Updated the changes in the schedule for Next weekend (Labor Day):
And Now..Want to Get a FREE One On One Training Session?
Keep Reading...
My favorite Bootcamp workout = The Miami 305!! No question
I want to know what your favorite bootcamp workout has been.
And I will reward you for telling me..What's the catch?
I need it on video.
Use a camera, your phone, ipod...what ever Tell me what your favorite bootcamp workout has been.
Like this: Turn your camera ON
Say My name is ??? and My favorite Bootcamp workout is ??? (The 300, The Reverse Pyramid..whatever it is)
Email me your video :-) In return we can schedule 1 Free One on One training session at my facility and I will customize a workout just for YOU.
Everyone who sends me a video will get a Free session :-)
It doesnt have to be long or a high production.
PLUS..Who Ever Send in the Best video.. Will win 5 One on One Sessions<<<
Ok, Last thing.
My Bootcamp is About working out so that you can look and feel your BEST. That's it.
wheeling and dealing is not my thing, I'm not trying to sell you a car, but I try to help everyone participate.
Even if it's just Once per week.
After All 1 Full Body workout a week at Bootcamp is better than NONE
So here are a Few Options you might not know about
Join Boocamp Once Per Week for 1 Month $80
Join Bootcamp and get UNLIMITED classes every month
2 Options
Make your payments every 2 weeks at $87
Pay $167 Every month (Save the most)
Have a great Friday

Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt

Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt



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