Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm Celebrating National Pancake Day too

Ever since I launched the Outdoor Fitness Boot Camps in South Florida a few Years ago,
the long list of other products and Most recently the 10 Day Weight Loss Jump Start, I’ve
been getting email after email from people asking me the same question…NOT!

I wish it was just 1 question...

Everyone has different question:

Is low carb better for weight loss?
Should I workout on an empty stomach?
Can I survive only drinking water?
If I only eat tuna for a week will I lose weight?
Is Pizza really that bad?
How Fast Can You Lose Weight?
What are Some Easy Ways to Lose Weight?
How Can You Lose Your Final 10 Pounds of Fat?
Can I lose weight without working out?
Can I get Abs without dieting?

On and on...yes everyone has different goals and needs. And Yes Everyone's situation is

BUT one thing remains the SAME..we are all Human (or at least I think everyone reading
this is, but If you read my blogs and are not of this earth please contact me directly)

Anyway...we are all human and the human body, except under special circumstances
works one way...stop trying to go around it...

How many diets and or quick weight loss gimmicks have you tried? Did you lose weight...
MAYBE...did you keep it off ? Most likely not if you are looking for the next thing to try...

So, Today is National Pancake Day in the States and It's also Fat Tuesday...another
excuse to over eat and Drink...Well my friends spring is 4 weeks away...and I don't know
about you but my clients LOVE it when people say "Wow you have lost a lot of weight" or
"hey have you been working out"...They Love it! It tell then that they are doing the right

Now I do realize 1 Thing...If you live in South Florida you can join my bootcamps, but if you
don't and you read my blogs and Newsletter you can only buy my ebooks and meal plans
but...somehow I think you know...You have to Eat right and Exercise...so since my goal is
to try and help all of you...This is What I'm going to do

For Today Only in and Effort to "Celebrate" National Pancake Day

For the Next 7 People to Enroll in In Our 4 week Extreme Fat Loss Boot Camp Program

This is available for EVERYONE...Get $47 Of The 10 Day Weight Loss Jump Start
Program and Get The 12 days after PLUS 12 Virtual Workouts...So for $128 You Get 22
Days of Online Coaching...YES The 10 Day Weight Loss Jump Start..The 12 Days After
and 12 Virtual Workouts

(ONLY AVAILABLE IN SOUTH FLORIDA) I will Take $47 Off the 4 week Program...So
instead of Paying $347 you get it for $300...So you'll get 4 weeks of Unlimited Boot Camp,
The 28 Day Extreme Fat Loss Meal Plan, The Sure Fire Cardio Formula and 10 Virtual

GET IT HERE: http://results4sure.com/national-pancake-day.html


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