Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Would you put Oil in your Gas tank?

Hi Everyone,

We all know your car needs oil....and we all know your car needs GAS...

but would you put oil in the gas tank?

Most likely not...

So, just because you think you're eating "healthy"
or making "healthy" choices, doesn't necessarily mean you are eating the "RIGHT" thing for you....

Today I got this email from, John Berardi,PhD:

"You hear it all the time - from your mom, from dietitians,
from doctors, from coaches, heck, even from your uncle

Just eat a "balanced diet" and you should be fine.

Of course, the fact that no one ever mentions what actually
constitutes a "balanced diet" only adds to the mystique and
allure of this mythical creature.

However, new research suggests that even when folks try to
eat a "balanced diet" they usually miss the mark.

Indeed, in one recent study, over 70 diets were analyzed and
every single one was deficient in 3 or more nutrients.
And some diets were deficient in about 15 nutrients!"

Now let's switch that term "balanced" to supportive...

Is what you are eating supporting your daily needs and your fitness goals.

If you put 100% effort into you exercises program then you should put 100% into your eating as well...

See you at camp!!!!!

****Remember there is no camp from July 19th to the 26th

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