Thursday, July 17, 2008

The CONES are coming and 160 NEW workouts

Hi Everyone

As some of you know and for those of you that don't

I like to kick things up a notch when I get back from a trip....

So What's Coming:

In addition to the NEW CAMPS

CONES...Oh yeah

And I totally forgot about this, There is a New Book out "
"Sure Results: Ultimate Book of Boot Camp Workouts"

You can take a look at the site:
Someone you all know might have put his 2 cents in.....

So we'll be gone for 1 week but no worries I'll have plenty of exercises for you guys to do, so Pines and MIami Lakes..see you tonight..Miami and Av see you in the Morning

Ohhh BTW

I read this before, thought it might apply

"I hear from a lot of folks who had a bad "diet day" yesterday, or their workout
didn't go as planned...and even from folks who are struggling to get going...
So I just wanted to say...
"Keep on trying to do a little better every day. Always try to be better than
yesterday. Take that attitude, and give it the best you got!
And if you had a bad day yesterday, kick it to the curb and stay strong! Today is
another chance for you to show the world who's boss.
I know you can do it!"
Here's to starting a new healthy habit today,
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS"

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