Wednesday, May 17, 2017

It's Not Just Bootcamp -The Show Episode 5


In Episode 5 of The Show..we talk to Macros Baby
Macros Baby you will not only enjoy the meals but you will enjoy the journey.
They use the method of flexible dieting with their meal prep...and they say.. As long as it aligns with your macros,
you can eat it!
they also say:
Flexible dieting has opened their eyes to a new way of living without feeling restricted and stress.
Michelle is a co-owner of Macros baby she has prepped for bikini and bodybuilding shows using this diet..
Lexi is a co-owner of macros baby meal prep and suffered with an eating disorder throughout her
life until she discovered " tracking macros" and finally found something that worked for her mentally and physically.
You can find them at
During the intro we played a little "Slide" by Calvin Harris
and our Closer is Courtesy of Mr. Ed Martinez


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