Sunday, September 14, 2014

How to get your food prepped on Sunday(for less than $25)

Happy Sunday ABF

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Sunday for a lot of people is now football Sunday...for others it's time to relax but for everyone it should be to food prep!!

For some people this can be a lot of work, for some people this might seem impossible...but the truth is...

It's really simple.

Let me walk you though this easy process.

First you need to know how much food you should be eating. If you are not sure then we should meet very soon to get real numbers for you.

But for the easiest  way, you should be eating every 3 hours give or take.

About 30 minute after you wake up should be meal #1

Now, get yourself a rice cooker if you don't have one (makes rice cooking a lot easier) don't eat rice? You are cutting carbs out cause you need to burn fat? 

Sorry to bust your bubble...that alone won't work.

Ok..Start your rice cooking, at the same time put 3-4 pounds of chicken/fish/steak  in the oven to cook. Season at your taste...but go for healthier options

You can >>>AT THE SAME TIME<<< bake or boil some veggies.

This will all take less than an hour

Now it's time to pack


But maybe you like more variety...maybe you want more options

Then it's is the same formula and just a little more WORK

Of course then we have to address COST $$$$$

Looks very very expensive to purchase and prep all this food

5lbs of Dry Rice cost $2.50-3.50

You can cook 20-24 cups of cooked rice from this 

Now protein and veggies...I did a little price comparison (Publix, Whole Foods, and Fresh Market):

A dozen large eggs
Fresh Market: $1.79
Publix: $2.09
Whole Foods: $2.99

A dozen large organic eggs
Fresh Market: $4.19
Publix: $2.29-$4
Whole Foods: $4.99

Boneless chicken breasts:
Publix: $4.29 per pound/Greenwise $6.99
Whole Foods: $5.99 per pound
Fresh Market: $6.99 per pound

New York strip steak:
Fresh Market: $8.99 per pound
Publix: $8.99 per pound
Whole Foods: $9.99 per pound

Publix: $1.89 per pound
Whole Foods: $2.49 per pound
Fresh Market: $4.99 per 5-pound bag of organic (didn't have conventional)

Plum tomatoes:
Publix: $1.69 per pound
Fresh Market: $1.99 per pound
Whole foods: $2.99 per pound

Green peppers:
Publix: $1.49 per pound
Fresh Market: $1.99 per pound
Whole Foods: $1.99 per pound

Fresh Market: $1.69 per pound
Publix: $1.99 per pound
Whole Foods: $2.49 per pound

SO...Rice, 1 dozen eggs, 2lbs of chicken, half pound steak, 3 pound of raw veggies

$22-$26 for 1 week of food (give or take) it should be less

So..about $25 and about an hour to an hour and a half of your time.

Is it really and I can't?

Sure there is more...protein shakes, other carbs...but he basics...can be done with that.


Master Trainer Rafael

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