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2 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Belly Fat


and I know this is in the back of you mind so I want to share..

2 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Belly Fat

Reason # 1 – You’re Doing More Cardio

According to studies – (International Journal of Obesity 32: 177-184, 2008 for example), you can actually gain weight by performing cardiovascular exercise.  In this study, some people in the group ate an average of an additional 268 calories per day, just about negating their efforts.  Now ask yourself, do you find yourself hungrier on the days you perform cardio?Eating an additional 268 calories because you are exercising?  No wonder you’re frustrated.
Now, remember, that was the average.  So, let’s say you burn 200 calories in a long, boring cardio session, but you consume 300 additional calories due to being hungry.
That’s a 100 calorie surplus in calories daily.  That means in just 35 days, you can actually gain a pound of fat from doing cardio. (100 X 35 = 3500, and you know that 3500 calories are in a lb of fat).

Reason # 2 – You’re Doing Crunches and Sit-ups to Show Your Abs

You’ve been doing it now for months.  Your abs look the same.  Why do you keep doing it?  Check this out – the more fit and lean you get, the LESS effective crunches and sit-ups are.  Your abs are taking on less resistance.
Did you read the Men’s Health issue that showed it took 20,000 crunches to burn 1 lousy pound of fat?  Seriously.  That’s ridiculous.  Crunches are not the BEST ab exercise!  .

20,000 crunches to lose JUST one pound of fat?

How to Fix These Two Problems…AT THE SAME TIME??

Scientific studies show that interval style training like metabolic workout finishers can release a hormone called catecholamines.  And catecholamines can reduce appetite.  Also, it’s a very difficult word to pronounce and hormones that are hard to pronounce are bound to burn fat J
So you know that metabolic finishers burn more fat than cardio, but a big plus is that it can decrease your appetite?  Sweet!  That solves the cardio problem.
To fix the crunches and sit-ups, you need to perform exercises that sculpt your abs in unison because crunches only hit a portion of your abs.  Your abs are made of:
For instance, by performing the cross-body mountain climber, you hit your entire abdominal wall rather than just the first layer like crunches.  Well, that fixes the sit-ups and crunches problem.

So How Can You Tweak Your Workout without Wasting A Lot of Time?

Since you have a life, I’m guessing you probably don’t feel like adding another hour to your current workout just for intervals and ab work, right?
Well, what if you were able to get the ab-sculpting benefits from the right exercise and combine it with the fat-burning power of a metabolic finisher, which takes only a fraction of the time?

Try this Ab Finisher at the End of Your Next Workout

Do the following circuit twice, resting for 30 seconds between circuits
1)    Ab Wheel or Stability Ball Rollout (15)
2)    Burpees (12)
3)    Cross-Body Mountain Climbers (12 ea side)
4)    DB/KB Swings (20)
By incorporating the ab finisher above, you:
  • Used a newer form of interval training using multiple muscle groups, burning more calories than traditional interval training
  • Worked your entire abdominal wall using proven abdominal exercises
  • Elevated your metabolism even further by complimenting your main workout program, helping you burn hundreds of calories more
By incorporating a unique combination of cardiovascular and muscular movements (like the burpee and the swings), and plugging in the abdominal exercises at the right times, you sculpt your midsection while at the same time keeping your heart rate up with incomplete recovery.  This is a form of metabolic resistance training.

Ab Finishers Burn A LOT More Calories

The science proves to us that this type of training, like metabolic finishers, sheds belly fat MUCH faster and more effectively than traditional cardio or training.
And science proves to us that using exercises like the rollout and cross-body mountain climbers work and sculpt your midsection much better than traditional crunches or sit-ups, all while saving your lower back.


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