Sunday, October 9, 2011

Your Workout and Your Music

Happy Saturday,


So I know I have promised to continue on the subject of the Fat Burners, but before I do..

I have 2 quick things for you


1. What tunes would you like me to add to the workouts this week...I will be updating my ipod this weekend. You can leave your comments below.

2. What Areas would you REALLY like me to HIT this week? Would you like me to pay attention to some more ab work..arms, call it. Same thing comment below.


Don;t let the rain affect your can try this one at home:

"The Legendary TT Summit Metabolic Conditioning Bootcamp Workout"

It started with a warm-up of:

Arm Crosses (aka 'Ballantynes')
Prisoner Squat
Mountain Climber
Touchdown Lunge
Off-set Pushup
Spiderman Climb
Side Shuffle

Then into our tough strength superset/triset:

1A) Elevated Pushups or Spiderman Climb Pushup
1B) 1-leg Deadlift or 1 & 1/2 rep Split Squat
1C) (If we had a TRX, we'd have done a row there too)

Next we started into Metabolic Conditioning Training

- Burpees (30 seconds)
- Diagonal Prisoner Lunges (30 seconds)
- Plank to Triceps Extension (30 seconds)

(Everyone clapped after that one...they loved the plank to
triceps was new to a lot of folks.)

Then another superset:

- Jumping Jacks
- Slow pushups (3 seconds up, 3 seconds down)

Then a triset:

- Burpees (20 seconds)
- Prisoner Lunges (30 seconds)
- Bodyweight Squats using the 20 second reps, 10 second hold (AWESOMENESS!)

And then - yes, there was more and then - we did a Fantastic 400 Conditioning Session:

10 exercises, 40 seconds per exercise:

- Jumping Jacks
- Run in Place
- Total Body Extension
- Split Shuffle
- Mountain Climber
- Bodyweight Squat
- Seal Jumps
- Sumo Squat
- Alternating Lunges
- Pushups

Leave your thoughts

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