Friday, September 9, 2011

18 Fitness Bootcamp AB Exercises for you

People...300 Thursday was ON last night..
300 Reps! Plus a Round 2 with sledgehammers in Pines and a Tire Tabatas in Hialeah..
Calories were burned people...
What did you do?
I hope you didn't miss out and you were training just as hard!
ALL ABS…Saturday Morning at 9:15am

Saturday morning at 9:00am I will host an ALL AB WORKOUT my studio

10 People Only <<<<

$21 per person

It will be something

From 9:00am to 9:45am
45 minutes of Serious CORE TRAINING..
Here are 18 Core exercises you can try, (not sure what they are? come to our workshop Saturday and find out)
- Ab Wheel Rollout
- Stability Ball Rollout
- Barbell Rollout
- Stability Ball "Stir-the-Pot"
- Stability Ball Plank
- Stability Ball Plank Rollout
- Stability Ball Jackknife
- Stability Ball Pike
And if you do have a TRX, you can do:
- TRX Jackknife (alternating legs is a good version)
- TRX Pike
- TRX Atomic Pushup
- TRX X-Body Mountain Climbers
- TRX Oblique Tuck Circles
I also have another piece of cool equipment called the Power Wheel,
and you can use it for:
- Powerwheel Pikes
- Powerwheel Jackknives
- Powerwheel Rollouts
- Powerwheel Diagonal Rollouts
- Powerwheel Crawls (see how far you can get - an ultimate upper body/abs challenge)
How cool?

Saturday morning at 9:00am , ALL AB WORKOUT my studio

10 People Only <<<<

$21 per person

Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt

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Anonymous said...

A good way to work out the core workout tissues is with doing planks. This exercise doesn’t require any gear, but to offer comfort, having a yoga mat can be ideal.