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Sandbag Fitness workouts for Bootcamp

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Sandbag training causes you to use additional muscles which are never targeted by traditional training methods. The movement of the sand adds uncertainty and new movements which cannot be achieved through exercise machines or free weights. Instead of using only your large muscle groups, you begin exercising every supporting muscle at the same time.

Your Sandbag Workout Increases Fitness FastBuilding powerful muscles is not always the goal of your workouts. Sometimes you want to target increased cardiovascular fitness. A sandbag workout allows you to customize your training to focus on extreme cardio fitness, training for power, or cross training to target both areas simultaneously. It all comes down to your choice.

To start increasing cardiovascular conditioning at an accelerated rate you decrease the weight in your sandbag and move faster. You will feel your heartbeat climb quickly until it reaches your target heart rate. Instead of just engaging your legs, like most conventional forms of cardio fitness, you will be using your entire body. The resistance and shifting movement of the bag starts your body sweating and the adrenalin begins to flow. Conventional training on an exercise bike, weight machines, or other gym equipment cannot match this intensity. Says

Burn More Calories

There is only way to get rid of that body fat that keeps us from feeling our best, putting our body into an INFERNO state! Because the Ultimate Sandbag™ is the only fitness tool that actually has the weight shift and move, your body must work much harder to perform the exercises. This means your body ends up expending more calories on every repetition of every workout. Unlike so many of the other fitness tools that makes it easy to “groove” an exercise, the movement of the Ultimate Sandbag™ makes it impossible to “groove” an exercise. So, every muscle has to work harder to perform each repetition.

Not grooving means your body has to burn more energy (calories) to do every Ultimate Sandbag™ exercise. Because the USBT program emphasizes the whole body you will find that each one of your workouts burns more calories than your typical workout with weights or cardio machines. These exercises move in new patterns and directions that previously were impossible with most fitness programs. This leads to losing that body fat while actually building muscles that work as good as they look!

The best part is that USBT program takes less time than most workouts because the exercises involve more muscles at one time and take advantage of interval training which means your body will burn calories for hours after your training session. In the end, this leaves you with a body that is athletic, sleek, and makes you feel your best yet!"

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