Thursday, April 14, 2011

Huge Boot Camp Discount

Right now, there are 3,047 Current & Former Bootcampers, and Subscribers to my newsletters just like you reading this.What's really funny is that I haven't really gone out and tried to become a "big shot" in the Bootcamp and Fitness this underground newsletter must be getting spread around by word of mouth..
Yesterday I announced a Huge Sale here are the details:
First I would like to say thank you to everyone that has ever participated or is participating in our Program. I am sending this email at 8am, I will send a follow up at NOON and a last call at 3pm.
Second..I don't really think discounting the service we provide is an indication of the value it has..I know you don;t walk into the Apple store and ask for a discount on an IPAD...yet we help people look and feel better. job is not to sell's to deliver fitness to everyone that comes to my I want to make that available to EVERYONE today..
Normally our Bootcamp is 3x per week for 4 weeks and cost $257 for 4 weeks.
Today I am taking $90 OFF our regular Bootcamp price!!!
So TODAY Until 4pm YOU can join Bootcamp for $167.00...That's $90 Off per Month
So what's the catch???
Catch #1 This is for the first 50 people to do this ONLY!
Catch #2 is you have to join for 12 months...That Means You Save $1080.00 over the 12 months
Hold on before you start shaking your head..12 months of commitment to your self is NOT a long time.
It's less time than you commit to your mobile phone company..
NOW..The Good Stuff..What are you getting..
12 Months of UNLIMITED Bootcamp
Complimentary Weigh Ins and Body Fat Test Every 2 Weeks.
Pre Planned Meal Plans
Access to ALL LOCATIONS + (Coming Soon: South Beach, Hollywood Beach, and The Grove)
Now some FAQ's
Are automatic payments the only way to do this?
YES..if you do not want to enroll in our AUTO DEBIT you will need to bring a check for your 1st payment and 11 post dated check for the remaining 12 months.
What if I move or suffer injury?
We can cancel the subscription.
Can Anyone Participate?
Yes, if you are currently on another plan we will cancel it and switch you over to this one.
What if I Prepaid for 3 months?
No worries the rate is the same..if yoiu would like to switch over to this plan after your 3 month you can
Will the workout become repetitive over 12 months?
This is my favorite question. I have been coaching people for 16 years and don;t like repeating workouts..but in case I run out of ideas..I have co-authored 3 books:
fitness bootcamp workoutsbootcamp workouts
That gives me access to over 1500 case I can;t come up with my own.
In addition to that..I will be attending 3 specialty certifications this year and speaking at 2.
That Means that for 12 Months you will ALWAYS have NEW workouts
Simple Enough..Join Bootcamp for 12 months, save over ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS, AND Guarantee your fitness success
First 50 People ONLY

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