Tuesday, August 26, 2008

100% Responsibility

Hi Everyone,

This will be a very different blog...

I want to talk about being responsible for YOU.

When you go to school, your teachers are responsible for providing you with the information necessary to help you learn, but who's responsibility is it to study and apply that information?

Your mechanic is responsible for taking that overview of your car and telling you wants wrong with it, but who is responsible for getting an oil change every 3000 miles or making sure the car has gas?

When you make the decision to start a new fitness program to change the way you look and feel, if you don't have the information, who is responsible for going out and finding that information?

NOW, once you have the information and the tools who is responsible for taking action 100 % of the time?

We'll get back to that....

If you "hate your job" how productive do you think you are going to be at work?

If you "hate social events" how much fun do you think you are going to have at a party?

How much of the attitude that you have toward change do you think will effect your results?

A while back I wrote an article for The Fitness Experts Network titled "is Weight Loss in Your Head? (you can see it here: http://www.fitness-nutrition-weightloss.com/is-weight-loss-in-your-head.html )
and it talked about having the right mental attitude...Well how about responsibility?

100% Responsibility

Your thoughts and blames are just memories, you need to draw new experiences so that you can make changes.

If the last 7 diets didn't work and you lost and gained weight...where is the responsibility?

If the last 4 gyms you joined didn't help you, where is the responsibility?

If you drove through one of the many fast food chains and decided it was your chance to support the economy by ordering things that most likely are not going to help you make a healthy difference in you, where is the responsibility for that?

There is more to come

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Thank You...

Rafael Moret,CSCS

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