Sunday, February 24, 2008

Information Overload

Seriously -- there is SO much information out there telling you how to Lose weight and Get in Shape...How to do it in 10 minutes... how to cut carbs... how to exercise less... how to eat for your type or city you live in...There's just one problem.

You need something THAT WORKS for YOU to put these or any weight loss or fitness strategies into play!

What if you're a beginner starting from scratch never exercise, never been one a diet, afraid to fail?Wading through the ocean of information tools and resources online and in book stores has got to be pretty daunting.Sheesh.So I've put together a something for you.

I want to cut through the fluff... I want to cut through the confusion.I'm going to give you a *6 week crash course* in the exact steps (that have taken over 15 years to develop)you need to take to start and turn your Health and Fitness around even if you can‘t get to my studios or camps in South Fl.

My ultimate goal here is to give you the "Big Picture" of what you need to do and precisely what order you need to do it in, to get on the right path… right away.

I'm calling it The METABOLISM-MAKEOVER E-Class.

Enroll Now…that‘s right, no need to think about it.

Maybe you’ve tried stuff before, maybe you have attempted to exercise,Maybe you would like to come and train with me in Miami, but can’t make it.
Well here is you chance and it’s all online.

Maybe you will let me help you…

Maybe you won't.

Either way, I can only take a limited number of people inthis e-class and these lesson could very well make the difference between another year of poor results, wasted efforts, and lost money or a massively fit and lean 2008!

That link to the 6 week e-class again is here:

To your success!!!


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