Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Did You Know???

There are 2.4 million unnecessary surgeries performed in the U.S. every year with more than 12,000 people dying as a result of these procedures.

Approximately 300,000 balloon angioplasties are performed in the U.S. each year. Yet not one study has shown this dangerous procedure to be any more effective than non-surgical treatment.

Studies show up to 70% of mammograms are incorrect.

At the age of 60, 37% of the population takes 5 or more prescription drugs daily.
Did you know that 40% of all hysterectomies performed in the U.S. over the last ten years were unnecessary?

Prescription drugs cause Sixty percent of impotency.

The Vioxx debacle; that one expert claims to have caused 139,000 deaths and serious injuries.

Antidepressants; causing suicide in children.

Recently the pharmaceutical industry, which is suffering from bad press, (by the way, bad press tends to happen when you kill people), has been struggling to find new drugs. “It sees cancer drugs as a well spring of opportunity” for increasing profits, they want to make cancer a manageable chronic disease like diabetes. That way they can keep people on these new drugs for years if not decades. (Financial times, October 6th, 2005 “ New broom waits to sweep through the FDA” page 8) This statement is so amazing it needed to be referenced.

Statin drugs cause cancer and they deplete your heart of Co Enzyme Q -10. Statin drugs actually cause heart disease. This scandal will dwarf Vioxx!

It is amazing to me that most people demand more information when buying a used car than when they use prescription drugs or agree to surgery. Let’s look at the 500,000 Americans who undergo coronary by-pass surgery each year at an incredible cost of 15 billion dollars. Up to 10,000 of these patients die during the procedures: while a staggering 40% are so debilitated by this procedure they never return to work or to a normal life.

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