Sunday, February 26, 2017

Local Miami Lakes Trainer Writes The Book on Bootcamps

"Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few days, then you’ve probably been hearing the buzz about the 12 month Done for YOU Bootcamp Workout System."

Feb. 26, 2017 / Miami Lakes, Fl. Bootcamps and Small Group Fitness workouts have been popular for a while now, but down in South Florida 10 years ago a Bootcamp started that would change the industry forever. Rafael Moret, who’s been training people professionally since 1995, moved down to South Florida in late 2006 and quickly became part of the the circle of fitness professionals from Brickell to West Palm Beach…but in mid 2007 he launch what would be the 1st Bootcamp of many over the next decade. Since then thousands of people have had an opportunity to experience why Moret says “It’s Not Just Bootcamp” and now thousands all over the world will have the same chance South Floridaians have enjoyed. Rafael has literally written the book on bootcamps and bootcamp workouts with the launch of the Bootcamp Periodization System, a series of 4 books giving people access to a years worth of bootcamp workouts
“Trainers and fitness bootcamp instructors are raving about this system. They’re loving it and their clients are loving it.”
So what makes this system so awesome?
1.You Get A Full Year Of “Done For You” Periodization Workout Programs
Ever notice that your clients have specific needs that change? This package includes 4-twelve-week bootcamp programs for Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. With each season change you can change up your programming to meet your clients’ needs.

They’re gonna love their results! You’re going to love their repeat business!

That’s 1 full year of bootcamp training programs done for you!!

2.These Are Scientifically Based Workout Programs
Your goal isn’t to wear your clients out. Your goal is to get them really good results. And these four carefully planned periodization programs are proven to help your clients get lean, get strong, and build endurance.
Quality Bootcamp Workout PROGRAMS…proven,in the trenches programs that work..period!

The author is Rafael Moret, who is the owner of the South Florida Fitness Bootcamp. He’s been training and coaching a wide variety of people — from moms to athletes to fitness models — since 1995. Today he’s sharing his expertise in creating shorter workouts that produce great results in strength, power, muscular development and maximum fat loss.

This book is backed by publisher Georgette Pann, who is a world-renowned bootcamp expert. She has over two decades of experience helping clients get great results, as well as helping fitness pros just like you grow thriving, profitable bootcamp businesses.

Together, Rafael and Georgette bring a combined 40+ years of expertise into one package. If you’re looking for one programming package to buy this year, this group of four periodization program manuals is just what you need!
Rafael Moret is the founder, president, and chief fitness officer of It’s Not Just Bootcamp in Miami Lakes, Fl. He is also the creator of It’s Not Just Donuts, protein donuts and an Independent Kyani Distributor. Rafael holds multiple specialty certifications and has helped clients achieve their health and fitness goals since 1995.


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