Monday, September 23, 2013

Best Exercise Ever

Hey Everyone

Rafael Moret here with a cool new program
Most experts agree that this exercise is the BEST exercise of all time.


It's not a pushup.
It's not a squat.
It's not a sit-up, either.

It's WAY more than that...

More bang for your exercise buck, that's what gets dramatic results
faster, right?

So if you had to do ONE exercise to get you fit and looking
fantastic in record time, what would it be?

According to the chairman of the Department of Kinesiology at
McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario, when asked his opinion on
the single best exercise, he suggested the burpee because it "It
builds muscles AND it builds endurance."

It's a 3 for 1 exercise that only takes 3 seconds to perform.
You'll hit the upper body, lower body, core and cardiovascular
system all within that 3-second window.

But did you know there is more than ONE way to do burpees?

Discover ALL of the burpee variations here

No matter which one you use, nothing is more efficient for
fat loss.

The fact that you need NO equipment and can do burpees pretty
much anywhere are added bonuses.

And in my friend Shawna K's new Challenge Burpee program, you'll
get a done-for-you fat loss workout system that uses this
best exercise ever.

You'll find 21 workouts with burpees and combinations that
you've never done before. You'll be challenged to push your fitness
levels and the 'happy coincidence' whenever you consistently
challenge yourself is a rockin' hard body.

(Shawna is living proof! She's 50 years old but can keep up
with 20 year olds...and she even has six-pack abs.)

These are the workouts she and her most successful clients use

Shawna will also let you in on her insider secrets on how to get
the most from each move inside her coaching videos that come with
the workouts, too.

This ensures that your exercise form is perfect, will maximize your
results and keep you injury free. For much less than a buck a
workout, you're really getting 'bang for your buck' in more ways
than one.

You'll also want to try her 500 and 1000 Rep Workout Bonuses to
really boost your fitness and fat burning.

Discover how to use the best exercise of all time to get ripped 

Join the 3 for 1 exercise movement!

Thank You

Rafael Moret

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