Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What is in your food?

Happy Monday I hope you got an awesome weekend.... I just finished reading the results from everyone finishing week 2 of the Unwrap a new you in 8 weeks plan. 2 more 5lbs losers...and 3 people lost 3 more pounds...BOOM!!! People...at this rate how can they NOT unwrap a new body on Christmas day... I hope you are getting the results you are looking for, and if you are not...maybe it's time to take action. On to WHAT'S IN YOUR FOOD... I always tend to teach you about carbs, protein and fat...how much you should have...but I don't think I have touched on this subject enough What is actually in the food Garden burgers. Power bars. Protein brownies. Bottled water that makes you thin, young and smart. And we used to wonder what they put in Pop Rocks... These days it’s hard for even die-hard foodies to know what they’re eating or drinking. That’s because food has changed from something that didn’t need a modifier – if it walked, swam, flew or grew out of the ground, it was food – to something that stopped off at Mr. Burns’ nuclear plant on the way to your plate. Did you know that 70% of the Ground Beef in the USA has pink slime...and did you know that all of that pink slime is treated with AMMONIA?

Pink Slime - 70% of America's Beef is Treated with Ammonia

Still drinking coca cola? Watch this!

How Do They Make It - Chicken Nuggets

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