Sunday, October 10, 2010

A quick 500 calorie burning workout

Hi Everyone,

I got this email from Alwyn Cosgrove...Alwyn had written a few books but more important he runs what is considered The Most Profitable Gym in America.
but SO WHAT???? We why do you think that is...?

They deliver results!!!!!!!!!

What kind of training do they have? Full Body Circuits focusing on AFTERBURN
Same workouts we do at Bootcamp..and I have 3 spots left in the Fall/Winter Special
Look at the sample he sent today:

"Today's workout was a combination of the TRX and a couple of kettlebells. The weather was beautiful so I trained in the backyard this morning.

Here's what I did today (click the link for videos):
Kettlebell Swing - 10 repsTRX Chest pressTRX single leg squat (5 reps each leg)TRX Inverted Row (10 reps)TRX suspended lunge (10 reps each leg)Kettlebell Clean and Push Press (5 reps each side)TRX Suspended Crunches to Body Saw (10 reps)
I performed 3 rounds of that circuit (27 total sets) and it took just over 30 mins.I consider this type of training to be metabolic/cardio in nature as the loads are relatively light and the tempo is quite fast.

My heart rate monitor recorded my average heart rate as being 153bpm and I maxed out at 168bpm today.The heart rate monitor also recorded the workout as burning just over 500 cals - which when I convert my heart rate to an equivalent running pace for me is pretty close.

So how many more chances will you miss at The Most Effective workout system..
3 Spots left..for 3 save $250
Get it here:

--Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt

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